Sunday, June 22, 2008

Here it goes!

Please allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Tim and Sarah Olson. The Proud Parents of 4 daughters, 2 of which came naturally, and 2 of which came through the wonderful gift of adoption. Our daughters are 13, 8, 3 and 2. We adopted our 2 youngest daughters through a local agency that processes local domestic adoptions. Never in a million years did we ever expect to have 2 girls, but our agency contacted us and told us that a relative of our first daughter was being placed, and were we interested? Absolutely, family is family, and that was that!

We are currently in the process of adding a son to our family through adoption. His name is Isaiah Daniel. Currently he lives in Haiti at Three Angels Children's Relief. We are so excited to add him to our family. Sarah has been blessed with traveling 2 times to visit/drop off the dossier, and Tim was able to travel in January to file paperwork. What a blessing for both of us to meet our son and spend time with him. Those are trips that will be remembered always. Not only meeting our son, but learning how the Orphanage he lives at is ran, being able to help clean, organize, and repair needed areas of the Orphanage, and most of all, being able to spend time with the other children. Tim had the privilege of meeting Isaiah's birth mother too, something Sarah longs to do.

Tim is a firefighter, and Sarah is a COTA. Tim works a second job at the YMCA, and for the summer months, Sarah works PRN at a nursing home. We are trying very hard to come up with the final money needed to bring our son home. All is paid for at this point, except what we will need for one of us to go pick him up. We have tried many fundraisers, and still, fall a little short of what we need. The estimated cost for one of us to travel to Haiti and pick him us is estimated at $3000. We currently have $1500 in an account waiting.

This is where you come in. Would you consider making a donation of just one dollar or even more if you can. Just one dollar. Please. If you cannot do a dollar, would you consider passing this along to everyone in your email address book? Could you do both? This will be the key, passing it along to everyone, and everyone passing it along several more times. Please don't let the email stop. This has the power to generate what we need to pick up our son, but we cannot do it without your help. We need our story to reach many, many people.

Your donation of just a dollar would bless us greatly, and be very appreciated! I will keep track of any and all donations this generates right here on this blog. Everyone can see where we are and what we still need. Please, don't pass up the opportunity to help us help this Orphan child.

If we raise more money than we need, we will donate the rest of the money directly to the Orphanage.